How would you define the word intuition? Discuss in pairs and then with another pair. Agree a sentence that best defines the word intuition (without checking any definitions online). Add you groups definition to this ‘padlet’ here

Laura day make the following assertions and asked these questions – what do you think?

  • Successful people are intuitive people?
  • Intuition is a form of sub-concious reason, its not magic!
  • Who is more intuitive the emergency ward physician or the zen monk?
  • Intuition has to be held to the same standards as any kind of information source does. You need to be able to try and verify or disprove what you might “know” through intuition.

She is unpredictably rational. A lot of writers proffer pseudo-science or new age thinking when writing about intuition. They discuss it as being an almost supernatural sense. Laura Day argues differently.

She disproves the usual example of intuitive knowledge. When people say “I walked into the room and started talking to this man and I knew I would be spending the rest of my life with him” it is not intuition, Day says. She accounts for these events by saying that the man may have looked like the woman’s Father, that hormones were at play. In other words this is not a gut feeling, there are real reasons why people are drawn so strongly to each other.

Malcolm Gladwell – How We Think Without Thinking

Thin Slicing

Thin slicing …..

The Monty Hall Problem

This is a great example when ‘thin slicing’ or intuitive thinking can lead us to wrong decisions.

This is an excellent prezi – particularly on biases

Other resources


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