Reality is the sum total of everything. It is the truth that is ‘out there’ not what we perceive, not what we read about when we study Science text books or read literature. Neither is it that which we feel with our emotions. Our senses only give us a partial ‘view’. Our sensory apparatus, the mechanism and structure of the yeye and ear create the sounds we hear and the images we see – they are not ‘out there’ in reality! We know that animals see and hear things in different ways. We know that telescopes and microscopes see aspects of reality that we can not sense.

The diagram above represents the way different areas of knowledge ‘construct’ or mediate reality in different ways. Ethics, the Arts, History, Science etc all give a different account of reality. But which one is the closest map of physical reality? When is it best to use the methods specicifc to certain areas of knowledge to come closer to the truth?


We discussed the question “Why do things look smaller the further the are away from us?” The diagram at the bottom of the image above shows how the structure of the eye itself pre-determines our view of reality.


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