Natural Sciences


The Scientific Method

Analysing and defining elements of the scientific method- activity

How does the extract from Monty Python and the Holy Grail – explore aspects (and the abuse of) the Scientific method?


Inductive reasoning and the Scientific Method

The difference between Validity and Reliability


  • “Validity” means that something is accurate. In research, validity has to do with the strength of the measurement or how much it does what it says it will. For instance, a psychological test that is meant to measure depression but really measures levels of happiness would have low validity. If your washer does not wash your clothes properly but merely spins them, then it is not a valid tool for washing clothes.


  • Reliability refers to the dependability of something. For instance, if your washing machine starts up every time you turn the dial to “wash,” it is reliable. Similarly, in research, the term is interchangeable with consistency. When trying to find out if a measurement is reliable, researchers look to see if the measure is consistent on every repetition. If the measurement is a real or true measurement, then it is accurate each time it is used.

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