The Trews – Russell Brand

I have been waiting for Russell to post an edition of the Trews (True News) that did not have profanities in it so that I could post it here. (Be warned if you check out other ‘episodes’ – there is bad language).

I love the way that Russell combines his wacky humour with profound insights. In the ‘Trews’ he reflects on the daily news in the UK and discusses the underlying issues. He demystifies, unravels and processes the headlines through TOKland. Exquisite stuff! I think there is real wisdom in these films. Brand defines and debates real questions of knowledge and revels in analyzing biased and propaganda laced language.

In this episode Brand ….

  • Ponders the arrogance of the natural sciences and the folly of measuring infinite time in terms of a cubit defined by the time it takes for one insignificant planet to circle a small star (both of which did not exist at the beginning of time);
  • Remarks on how Oscar Pistorius’ essential identity has been changed from hero to freak by the press;
  • Argues that human beings have the ability to imagine, and then become, a society that behaves with respect and empathy both to others and the environment. Rather than one that routinely uses barbaric capital punishment methods;

After watching this (and others in the series) I defy you to read the news in the same way again.

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