What scientific idea is ready for retirement?

edge_logoOne of this year’s TOK essay titles was “That which is accepted as knowledge today is sometimes discarded tomorrow.” Consider knowledge issues raised by this statement in two areas of knowledge.”

I have just discovered a post that may have supported students who chose this question. Edge is a wonderfully edgy site that poses annual questions. This year’s question is the title of this post and 177 contributors have offered their thoughts in response. Have a look here.

The concepts that are listed as ones that should be discarded range from the idea of the universe to the fact that animals are mindlessTania Lombrozo, an Assistant Professor that the university of California, argues that the mind is not circumscribed by the brain itself and that it may not conform to the laws of physics and Melanie Swan, a systems-level thinker, asserts that “we can no longer rely exclusively on the traditional scientific method in the new era of science emerging through areas like big data, crowdsourcing, and synthetic biology”.

This site is such fertile soil. It helps us with the knowledge question – “If knowledge changes over time, how do we measure our thinking for dependability? How do we know what is true?” A great read (but very long) – I urge you to cherry pick and find a contribution that links with an area you are interested in and to read on and reflect!

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