A Giraffe was killed! – So what?

Warning this video is graphic!

As a result of European laws on inbreeding on Saturday 8th February Marius a young Giraffe at a Copenhagen Zoo was euthanised, dismembered publicly and then fed to lions. All this despite offers from other zoos to take the animal and pressure from animal rights campaigners.

Original news story – here

I get a little confused when so many people are shocked by the death of one animal. Having spoken to many students about this, during the week – they seem to be horrified about this news item and yet can not see how it conflicts with the fact that they eat cows, pigs and sheep on a daily basis, and that this process involves multiple animal deaths that are arguably less dignified and more cruel than Marius’.

“That’s different!” they claim “Giraffe’s are cute!” etc. Now please  – I am not trying to be snobbish from the moral high ground! But if there is anyone out there who can qualify and justify what I see as contradictory thinking – enlighten me!

Mary Warnock has written a very reasoned article which suggests that had Marius been a warthog or another less ‘cute’ animal, then no-one would have cared. She implies that there is a weird currency paradigm where some animal lives are imbued with more value for a whole set of spurious reasons and that to get upset by the demise of Marius is fallacious thinking that is full of cognitive bias. She asks what all the fuss is about – here

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One Response to A Giraffe was killed! – So what?

  1. danieltrump says:

    Emotion may be a ‘stronger’ way of knowing than reason. Emotion may contain adaptively positive responses for survival…, of course, the cute argument doesn’t stand up to reason, but then neither does the domestication and killing of animals for food.

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