The ‘Danish’ ‘Dolphin’ slaughter – fact or fiction, right or wrong?

Whale hunt faroe isles

This week has seen this photograph lighting up the screens of iPads and smart phones throughout the world. Right thumb re-post ‘activism’ has sent this news story viral. Such images shock us and cause indignation and anger…… but what is the real story here? Such photographs literally ‘make’ the news. If the image did not exist, neither would the news story.

More than that – we are privileging cetaceans over the bovine species, pigs and fowl that we eat everyday with certain views and sympathies. The simple question is – are we right to do so? Are we being hypocritical to be outraged by what this interesting blog describes as a sustainable and humanely killed catch. Additionally the blood is from pilot whales and this didn’t happen in Denmark, but in the Faroe Islands which is completely independent from Denmark. And so we are heavy on the reposts and outrage and light on the truth it seems! – is always great at myth-busting these viral untruths! Check it!

Syria graves

You may also have seen this image this week as it has been posted and reposted over million times on Twitter and IG after it went viral on reddit and imgur. The image has been appropriated for propoganda purposes  and has been described as an orphaned boy sleeping between the graves of his parents killed in the Syrian conflict. It has actively been used as anti-syrian government propaganda. In truth the whole image was staged by an artist in Saudi Arabia named Abdel Aziz Al-Atibi. The boy is his nephew and the image comes from a conceptual art project Al-Atibi was working on. See more here.

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