How does the development of technology affect progress in the Arts?


It is well known that the popular use of photography in the 19th century had a huge impact on the role and purpose of fine art painting. No longer did artists have to slavishly imitate reality as their eyes saw it. Photography recorded the visible likenesses of people, landscapes and events in such a seemingly faithful way that the painter was free to explore the nature of visual reality unfettered by the need to mimic it.

Now that everyone has a smartphone and an IG account – what is the impact of this on the photographic industry and practice? This fantastic article in the Guardian not only explores these questions in depth – it is also an exemplary piece of discursive writing which looks at knowledge claims and their counter-claims in a very balanced way. We can all learn a lot from this writing.

Please read on … The Death of Photography: Are camera phones destroying an Art form

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