“Learning is not rocket Science, it’s a lot more complicated!”


This fascinating blog post on the dangers of using statistics and numerical data to measure educational outcomes, is very good at showing us the flaws in some Human Science methods. Especially those used by ‘Naturalists”.

“Increasingly I am becoming frustrated by the lack of sophistication that is applied to the whole process of evaluating educational outcomes.  As a consequence, all kinds of perverse and spurious conclusions are drawn and school, teachers and policy makers end up jumping through hoops that have no real basis.  If we’re not careful, we’re going to lose sight of what matters….if we haven’t done so already.”

See more on the headguruteacher blog

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2 Responses to “Learning is not rocket Science, it’s a lot more complicated!”

  1. sarwaanm says:

    I believe intelligence is not a measure of how high your grades are, rather it is how you apply the knowledge and skills you acquire over the years of education, to real world situations. It is the ability to make the right choices when you are put into hard world situations. This application of knowledge is much more vital than just reading books, recalling facts, and just writing them down in exams. Hence, i believe this article is very true. We are definitely losing sight of what matters very quickly and before we know it, we’ll be blinded by this fake testing of knowledge through exams and coursework.

  2. Jack Li says:

    This article gives an analysis on the assessment of grades, intelligence and level boundaries used in the modern day. It gave readers an insight and explanation on the limitations of judging a person’s intelligence, especially in the area of education in society. I believe that although what the author has written was largely his own personal point of view, he has utilised many examples in his theories and I would agree with the his arguments. However, although he has clearly defined the limitations of the assessment of knowledge well, I believe that the methods we use nowadays, such as exams, coursework and assessments are a necessary part of learning, applying knowledge and the assessment of intelligence. Although there are numerous factors which could deter the accuracy of these tests, I believe these tests also challenge one’s mental attributes, which is vital in everyday life. Therefore, these tests should be continued to challenge candidates’ mental composure and knowledge in certain subjects, but different ways to assess one’s level of knowledge should be developed for more accurate and precise results.

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