Is the internet making us dumber or smarter?

“Is all this new technology improving our thinking or dampening it?” Some believe that habitual and regular internet and smartphone use makes us dull witted, depressed. Some testify that after the distractions of the internet, it is difficult to stick with a novel through to the end; that we flit from data input to data input, experience a vast amount and range of information, but are less likely to think deeply about things. Most notable of the ‘naysayers’ is Nicholas Carr. See his book “The Shallows” here.

A counterargument has recently been published!! Listen to this “You Are Not So Smart” Podcast and hear Clive Thompson make his case. Thompson is the author of “Smarter Than You Think: How Technology is Changing Our Minds for the Better”. As the title suggests, he disagrees with writers like Carr. Thompson is a journalist whose work can be found published in Wired, The Washington Post, and the New York Times Magazine.

As ever – I need to ask…. what do you think?

  • Who do you agree with most Thompson or Carr?
  • How can you justify your views? How do you know?
  • Is it binary? In other words are both of them right to a certain extent?
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