Mens’ and Womens’ brains hard wired differently – really?

Men women brains

This article cites recent research that claims to prove that men and womens’ brains are ‘naturally’ wired differently. What do you think? Surely the following questions need to be addressed ….

  • Does that mean that so-called male or female traits or proclivities are programmed genetically?
  • As recent research shows that habitual ways of thinking and environmental drivers can re-wire the brain (neuroplasticity) and affect genetics (epigenetics) – is it as simple as this article suggests. I.e: Brains are gender specific from birth?

Read more in this Guardian article …. here

Robin McKie, the Guardian Science editor with the same newspaper, shares my skepticism. In an article published a few days later he argues against the biological determinist interpretation of Ragini Verma’s research at the University of Pennsylvania. Read more … here

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