Some medical cures are too good to be true!


For all the advances in medicine, effective cures are rare, yet we are bombarded with sensational claims based on little evidence read more in the guardian article here

Acupuncture and the existence of Chi energy

BBC article about the 2006 TV documentary which claims to show open heart surgery being conducted without general anaesthetic and only sedatives, local anaesthetic and acupuncture treatment … here

After the TV documentary was broadcast the Guardian claimed “scientists involved in the series have complained that elements of the programmes were misleading, the production team was uninformed, and scientists were used as “marionettes”.

Last month it was suggested the series had a misleading sequence in which acupuncture was used instead of a general anaesthetic during open heart surgery in China. It was claimed the narration underplayed the role of the powerful sedatives and large doses of local anaesthetic that were used during the surgery, and exaggerated the role of the acupuncture.”read more here

Watch the original documentary and make your own mind up …

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