Music ban in Mali threatens the death of its History


“It has been almost nine months since Islamic militants in northern Mali announced that they were effectively banning all music.

The armed militants sent death threats to local musicians; many were forced into exile. Live music venues were shut down, and militants set fire to guitars and drum kits. The world famous Festival in the Desert was moved to Burkina Faso, and then postponed because of the security risk.

A world without music is also a world without stories. The griots have functioned as storytellers and truth-tellers within West African society for centuries… If they lose their social function as storytellers, society loses a critical link to its past.”

Read more in the New York Times … here

  • What is the social and historical function of Music?
  • To what extent should governments and other political organizations have the right to censor or control the Arts?
  • What is the relationship between the Arts and History?
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