Woolwich: Another knife crime, or an act of war?

Woolwich Murder“You people will never be safe’, screams the front page of the Guardian, quoting one of the bloodied knifemen, next to a massive blown-up picture of him. This transformation of two losers into mortal threats to Britain and its values somewhat overlooks that both are currently badly injured, and will never walk the streets again.” says Brendan O’Neill in this interesting article that criticises the british presses coverage of this incident.

Read more here www.spiked-online.com

A discussion about how we define the word terrorism in the Guardian here

After Woolwich: How the media got it wrong and how the public can get it right New Statesman

  • To what extent has the British media gone beyond objective reportage to being the assailants PR company?
  • What are the key responsibilities of the press?
  • Should crimes like this be reported, if there is any suspicion that they are part of a wider terror campaign?
  • Is this crime the act of a psychopath, part of an organised terror campaign or both?
  • Was this really a act of “terrorism”? How do we define the term ‘terrorist’?
  • Is revenge killing ever justified?
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