Surrogate offered $10,000 to abort baby

A heart rending story in which there is both argument and counterargument over the issue of whether it is right or wrong to abort an unborn baby. Layered on top of this are other knowledge issues about who has the right to determine the baby’s future …  the biological parents or the woman who carries the foetus through pregnancy?

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One Response to Surrogate offered $10,000 to abort baby

  1. Thiashya says:

    This case raises many incredibly sensitive ethical issues surrounding abortion. This particular controversy goes beyond the frequently discussed issue of whether it is right or wrong to abort a baby, and raises the question of ‘Who is the guardian of the baby in the case of surrogacy – the genetic parents or the woman carrying the child?’ This situation in which the genetic parents of a child, wish to abort, against the wishes of the surrogate mother exemplifies the difficulty surrounding this issue. There are different laws about surrogacy, some of which state that the genetic parents are the legal parents, whilst others that don’t recognize surrogacy contracts state that the baby belongs to the woman carrying the child. This is a profoundly difficult situation; as the genetic parents are the ones who will ultimately be raising the child, and therefore would have to live with the child’s disabilities, shouldn’t they be the ones to determine their child’s future? However, when the wishes of the genetic parents go against the religious and moral beliefs of the surrogate mother – how can you violate her rights her own body?

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